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Prince is a high quality product from the Nuova Jolly factory, where even more attention is paid to the finishing and use of materials. Other colours are also used to create an even more luxurious look.

The Prince models are standard equipped with all kinds of extras. The RS performance package is the most sporty version, with carbon tubes in black or grey.


NJ 530
NJ 630
NJ 650 XL
NJ 700 XL

Prince Cabin

PrincePrince 23 Cabin
PrincePrince 28 Sport Cabin
PrincePrince 33 Sport Cabin
PrincePrince 38 Sport Cabin
PrincePrince 43 Luxury Cabin

Prince Open

PrincePrince 21
PrincePrince 23
PrincePrince 25
PrincePrince 30 CC
PrincePrince 33 CC
PrincePrince 38 CC
PrincePrince 43 CC