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In 2004 Antoine & Kim started as importer & dealer of the Chris Craft brand. In 2019 we added the well-known brand Chaparral boats and started with SportRibs of the high quality brand Nuova Jolly. We almost always have all popular models in stock, even the most common colour combinations can be seen here. In 2020, our service center in Maaseik Belgium has been expanded and refined, all equipment has been purchased to provide a perfect service. In 2021 we partnered with Schaefer Yachts, which we expect very much from. It is a very innovative yacht yard and the largest in South America.

The usual water sport accessories are in stock, the rest of the accessories can be delivered on order.

The line, the style and the nostalgia.

Since I was young I have been fascinated by classic motorcycles, cars and wooden boats. The line, that styling and the nostalgia of the brand have always been decisive, also the story behind a brand I find very fascinating. Chris Craft actually has a similar history to Porsche and Harley Davidson

A Chris Craft can hardly be compared to any other brand in terms of design, quality and workmanship.

Importer Chris Craft
Importer Schaefer yachts
Importer Chaparral boats
Importer Nuova Jolly RIBS

I like a personal approach to selling a boat. I will almost always be the one to answer the phone, answer your emails and will also more often than not do all kinds of work myself. Also, I will often be the one to bring you the boat in person and give full instructions. As said always with an eye on quality and perfection.

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Why Exclusive Sportsboats ?

Exclusive Sportsboats is the exclusive importer of these boats in Belgium, France and Germany. It is often thought that the service ends when a boat is purchased, however with us it does not stop here. You can expect continued service from us and you can still contact us for questions and help with your boat. Please do not hesitate to contact us, our specialists will be happy to help you.

We are located in the area ofJachthaven “De Heerenlaak”
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