Nuova Jolly
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Europe’s Leading Brand of High-End Inflatable Boats

Nuova Jolly Marine has a complete range of luxury inflatable boats of the highest quality and construction. A very deep hull shape, together with the buoyancy and stability of the large diameter Orca Hypalon tubes, make the Nuova Jolly the most comfortable and seaworthy RIB you will ever own. Discover how comfortable and safe it is!

Nuova JollyPrince 25 comfort
€ 116.470


Nuova JollyNJ 700 Trolling Se@Fish
Nuova JollyNJ 650 XL
Nuova JollyNJ 700 Se@fish
Nuova JollyNJ 700 XL
Nuova JollyNJ 630
Nuova JollyNJ 530