Chris Craft gained great fame with the construction of cruisers and yachts for decades. The story began in 1874 when Chris Smith built an internal combustion engine in a wooden boat and the legend of Chris Craft was born. In 1972 the last wooden ship was built. In the year 2001 the rebirth of the Chris Craft brand took place. Stephen Julius and Stephen Heese took over the company and gave it a new impulse and direction by coming up with new nostalgic models. With the intention of distinguishing themselves from the rest of the boat market in terms of quality, finish, appearance and use of materials.


The new models contain the elements one expects from the world’s most famous boat brand. First of all, you can see that the elegance and styling of earlier years is back, which then made the brand Chris Craft an American Legend. The new boats have the classic look with the comfortable yet sporty design of a boat from the 21st century. The models are equipped with the latest techniques and finished with teak and stainless steel 316, emphasizing style, power, and nostalgia. It is a boat with which you can stroll and want to be seen. Because of its deep V hull, the boat also has sublime sailing characteristics. An important point are the materials used in the construction of a Chris Craft. They are all high quality materials that increase the durability.

Chris Craft, A heritage of timeless beauty.

Chris Craft, A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

Chris Craft, A boating experience like no other. 

Chris Craft, Boats designed to inspire emotion.

Chris Craft, At 60mph, you can hear the pounding of your heart above the roar of the engine.

Nothing compares to the first time you drive a Chris Craft, think of it as a sportscar without the traffic.